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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you support job seekers? What does that process look like? 

Great question! While every case is unique, we generally stick to the MET ROADMAPWe start with an Intake Meeting with your DVR Counselor and then follow it up with a few Planning Meetings to get to know each other and outline specifics of the client's career plan. Then we move to Job Prep and Training meetings to ensure clients are ready to put in applications and interviews. During that time, we also do Job Development within the community. This means meeting hiring authorities, submitting applications, and going to interviews. The next step is Job Placement (i.e. getting a job!). Once clients are placed, we provide Job Coaching as needed.

How do you find job openings? Do you talk to the employers?

Generally, we find job openings through networking and referrals. Our Employment Specialists can meet with employers on their own, with job seekers, or job seekers to meet with employers independently. Together, we can develop a plan that you are most comfortable with to help you find and maintain meaningful employment.

How often would you be able to meet with me?

For the most part, we meet with clients once per week for one hour. However, we are flexible and happy to accommodate your needs. We can break up the hour over two sessions or meet more often if required for things like interviews and tours.

Do you provide help or suggestions for the interview process?

Absolutely! We have several different trainings depending on your skills and needs. Interview dress, questions, etiquette are all topics we cover to help build up interview competency. We also do mock interviews (one on one and panel) to boost confidence and help clients know what to expect.  

What types of jobs do you help job seekers find?

We support clients in finding jobs that they want. We listen to our clients skills, passions and experience to find positions that are fulfilling. We never push clients in to jobs that are readily available but rather cultivate relationships with hiring authorities in fields clients are interested in. In the past, clients have found positions in customer service, retail, office/administration, food service,  finance, production, logistics. We have accommodated desires to work in fashion, with animals, and with music just to name a few.

Do you offer a job coaching for clients?

We sure do!  This service provides one-on-one training tailored to the needs of the employee and the employer to help ease the learning curve of starting a new job, in a new environment, with new coworkers! 

Do you have a list of jobs for me to pick from?

We actually don't! Instead, our primary goal is to help you identify and pursue job opportunities that are tailored to your skills and abilities.  Our team of professionals works with you to assess your skills, interests, and goals, then uses our business network to connect you with potential employers. 

Still have a question?

Send us a message or give us a call and we will be happy to help!

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