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Mountain Employment Training provides a comprehensive range of services designed to support individuals in successful employment. 

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Career & Education Exploration

Career & Education Exploration helps individuals
identify viable career options or solidify career paths to explore further.

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Job Preperation

ATS-compliant resumes and tailored cover letters give individuals an edge over other candidates. 

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 Interviewing Skill Development

Emotional and tactical techniques that make job seekers more effective when interviewing for a new position.

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Job Development

Networking, contacting employers directly, and conducting on-site analysis are just a few ways we partner with individuals to help land a job.

Job interview

Job Search and Placement Services

Connecting individuals with community employers to build mutually beneficial relationships.

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Personal Adjustment Training

PAT helps individuals develop compensatory skills and/or
to adjust behavior in the areas of independent living, communications, homemaking, personal
mobility and ability to travel in the community, and personal functioning.

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Self Advocacy Training

Self Advocacy training helps development of self-awareness, independent
decision making, goal setting, self-determination, understanding, requesting, and utilizing
needed accommodations, knowing rights and responsibilities, and leadership skills.

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Work Adjustment Training

WAT helps individuals adjust behavior
and/or develop compensatory skills in vocational areas, such as peer work relationships,
supervisory work relationships, general work behaviors and expectations, and work habits.

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Job Coaching

We provide training services including
job skill training, job site orientation, and coordination of
specific services to maintain employment


 Our services are funded through the Colorado Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, so if you're eligible, they may cover the cost of our services. Alternatively, we also offer private pay options for those who do not qualify for funding. Please contact us to learn more about our services and payment options.

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